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Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. 


Membership in the HMLA is an affirmative step in expressing support for your fellow members and also expresses support to the volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the organization's success.
A vibrant membership base enables us to meet any potential challenge to the lake. Consider joining one of our teams or serving on the board. 
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Halfmoon Lake Association

Welcome to Halfmoon Lake

The Halfmoon Lake Association welcomes you to our lake. Our Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. Welcome continues below.

August 30, 2020, Biannual Meeting

The 54st biannual meeting of HMLA was held August 30 at Camp Mi-Te-Na. This meeting took on additional significance since the pandemic forced cancellation of the June meeting and curtailed activities including the BBQ and pot-luck meal and games. The 22 households in attendance heard reports and updates on a number of issues including finances, water quality and E.coli, milfoil, good boating practices, boat ramp, and status of the dam. The members supported resolutions governing wakeboating on Halfmoon and endorsed support for NH State action restricting wakeboating.
New Officers - The members voted replacements for two open board positions, Nina Kelly for president and Clare Bolster for vice president. John Wheeler retired from the vice president position after six years of service on the board. Bill Mannion stepped down from the presidency after ten years as president and vice president. Bill, who was the creator and webmaster of this website for the past nine years, also asked for a candidate to come forward to take over the webmaster job.
Thank you Camp Mi-Te-Na for hosting the meeting.
Minutes from the August meeting will be posted to the Documents page when available. 

Annual Boat Parade - The traditional boat parade follow-up to the August meeting, held Saturday, September 5, was a huge success with 20 boats participating in a dazzling display of decorations with lights, colors, lots of noise, and general zestful enthusiasm that despite this year of the pandemic matched or exceeded the best of years. A big thank-you to the LeBlanc family who for eight years have lead the parade.
Thanks to all participants, boaters and shore spectators, for this traditional Labor Day weekend parade marking the unofficial end to the summer season on our lake.
Take a look at John Wheeler's tribute to the LeBlanc family, including some parade pictures here.

To view a larger image of the following pictures from the August meeting at Camp Mi-Te-Na, click on a photo, when finished viewing use the back button to return to this page.

HMLA board members Board members: President Bill Mannion, Vice President John Wheeler, Treasurer Linda Bramante, Secretary Shelly Lalos.
Members listen Members listen to several presentations given at the 2020 August meeting at Camp Mi-Te-Na. 
Water qualtiy report Water Quality Officer Guy Leone delivers report and answers questions on results of this season's water tests.  
John Wheeler and Bill Mannion Outgoing Vice President John Wheeler (seated) and outgoing President Bill Mannion listen to member questions.   


June 27, 2020, Biannual Meeting Canceled

The Halfmoon Lake Association Board canceled the first of our biannual meetings. Faced with the continuing pandemic the board, committed to the health and safety of its members, thought prudent to cancel the scheduled June 27 meeting.
Regarding the second biannual meeting held in August, Camp Mi-Te-Na director Matt Hanson notified the board of a need to modify the time and date of the August meeting.
Camp Mi-Te-Na was forced to cancel all overnight campers this season because of the pandemic.

Previous Meetings

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Welcome continues

Many years ago, founding member and past president Jim Parish described the Association as “primarily involved with major lake issues that affect your property value, safety, and the peaceful conditions we all came here to enjoy.”

The Association was formed in 1966 through '67 when many property owners objected to a developer's plans to construct a channel to enable another lake's water to co-mingle with Halfmoon. That was a long time ago, and since then we have kept a strong organization and a healthy treasury to stand guard over threats to your property and safety.

We have two business meetings a year, as directed by our bylaws, once during July and then again in August. A guest speaker typically attends the August meeting. Please join us at these meetings, learn about lake issues and possibly become an area representative and officer.

Some of your Association’s current activities include:

Current dues for 2020 are a low $20, raised in 2019. (Dues Form)

We invite you to join the Association to protect your investment and maintain the quality of life we enjoy on Halfmoon. Let’s keep the water clean, help provide for boating safety and enjoyment of the lake. We hope you become active in the Association to keep it alive with your energy and new thinking, meet other people from around the lake and to contribute your talents to keep the Association strong.

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