Our Mission:

Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. 


Membership in the HMLA is an affirmative step in expressing support for your fellow members and also expresses support to the volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the organization's success.
A vibrant membership base enables us to meet any potential challenge to the lake. Consider joining one of our teams or serving on the board. 
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Halfmoon Lake Association

Welcome to Halfmoon Lake

The Halfmoon Lake Association welcomes you to our lake. Our Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. 

Many years ago, founding member and past president Jim Parish described the Association as “primarily involved with major lake issues that affect your property value, safety, and the peaceful conditions we all came here to enjoy.”

The Association was formed in 1966 through '67 when many property owners objected to a developer's plans to construct a channel to enable another lake's water to comingle with Halfmoon. That was a long time ago, and since then we have kept a strong organization and a healthy treasury to stand guard over threats to your property and safety.

We have two business meetings a year, as directed by our bylaws, once during July and then again in August. A guest speaker typically attends the August meeting. Please join us at these meetings, learn about lake issues and possibly become an area representative and officer.

Some of your Association’s current activities include:

  • Work closely with the NH Department of Environmental Services to monitor water quality and invasive weed control. Would you consider joining the Weed Watcher team or the Water Quality team?
  • Maintain the dam separating Halfmoon Lake from Locke Lake. 
  • Sponsor the annual Labor Day weekend Boat Parade.
  • Monitor and communicate to the members any safety or environmental dangers that arise.
  • Maintain the Lake Association website: HalfmoonLakeNH.com where you find news about the lake, Association archives including minutes of past meetings, newsletters and water test results, among other documents. The site also lists many helpful links ranging from boating safety to boat-operator licensing.

Current dues are a low $15, raised in 2015 specifically to accumulate funds set aside for any future need to remove invasive species. (Dues Form)

We invite you to join the Association to protect your investment and maintain the quality of life we enjoy on Halfmoon. Let’s keep the water clean, help provide for boating safety and the enjoyment of the lake. We hope you become active in the Association to keep it alive with your energy and new thinking, meet other people from around the lake and to contribute your talents to keep the Association strong.


Biannual Meeting continues with the new social format

2018 The Biannual June Meeting and Social - Saturday, June 30, 5 to 8 - Will be held at the home of Cliff and Kate Brown, 23 Halfmoon Bay Drive, Center Barnstead. Halfmoon Bay Drive is off Dalton Road.  After a meet and greet, we will hold a brief Association Meeting to catch you up on all the news.

The meeting agenda and minutes from last August’s meeting are found on the Documents page. Please bring copies with you. If you plan to stay for the social, please RSVP to Kate Brown at 978-376-9598 or katebrown@browntech.com. Also remember to bring your favorite chair.

Following the business meeting, members can enjoy the another evening Wine and Beer Social offering a chance for everyone to mingle with neighbors to catch up on neighborhood news. To help with the social, if your last name begins with any of the letters A-L please bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beer; if your last name falls in the M-Z category, please bring an appetizer or munchie. Kate and Cliff will provide soft drinks, lemonade, and iced tea. Thank you Kate and Cliff for a great evening. Hope to see you on Saturday.

AUGUST MEETING: The August meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 25 at Camp Mi-Te-Na. We plan to have a speaker from the Marine Patrol. Further details to follow.

HMLA Board Officers

Table 1.1 Board Officers
Officer Email Phone
President Bill Mannion Email address 603-776-2362
V President John Wheeler Email address 603-581-6779
Treasurer Linda Bramante Email address 603-776-0486
Secretary Kate Brown Email address 978-376-9598

Neighborhood Representatives

Table 1.2 Neighborhood Representatives
Neighborhood Representative Email
Camp Mi-Te-Na Matt Hanson mhanson@graniteymca.org
Crescent Drive & Kent Ln Nina Kelly jnkelly154@comcast.net
Fernhill Association Clare Bolster bolster@tds.net
Fernhill Colony & Beach Cliff Mages cjmages@sbcglobal.net
Halfmoon Bay

Newcastle Extension Ethel McConaghy ethelmcconaghy@gmail.com
N Barnstead Road Linda Bramante lbramante@partners.org
O'Neil Drive and Varney Lane Bill O'Neil williamjoneil2@gmail.com
Prospect Mt. Road Clare Bolster bolster@tds.net
Rt 28 Alton and Varney Rd Steve Miller muptick2k4@aol.com
Rt 28 Barnstead & Proctors Pt John Wheeler goatroper144@yahoo.com
Rustic Shores Sam Bravar sam.bravar@yahoo.com
South Shores Drive Jay Larkin larkin.31@comcast.net

Weed Watchers

Table 1.3 Weed Watcher Officers
Weed Watcher Officers Email Phone
Debbie Fedorchak nhcottage1@tds.net
Linda Bramante email address 603-776-0486

Water Quality Officers

Table 1.4 Water Quality Officers
Officers Residence
Guy Leone, Chief Organizer South Shore Drive
Mike Fedorchak, Chief Emeritus South Shore Drive
Frank Bramante South Shore Drive 
John Wheeler Rt 28
Paul Hersom South Shore Drive 
Rick Perkins
Jay Macken

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