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Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. 

Halfmoon Lake Association 2016

August, 2016, 50th Biannual Meeting and Anniversary Celebration

The August meeting and kick-off to the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Halfmoon Lake Association was held at the WMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na, August 27. The nearly 90 members attending the business meeting heard reports and updates on a wide range of issues including the following: financials, town of Alton $250 offset-contribution, water quality, milfoil findings and eradication, neighboring lake issues, the successful Halfmoon Loon Family, boat traffic, and the boat parade was scheduled for September 3.

Elections for the HMLA board unanimously reelected the present board members for another two-year term (see HMLA Board, below). The 2017 July meeting was voted for July 8.

As part of a fund-raiser for the Association, a supply of new HMLA T-shirts and hats were on sale during and after the meeting.

Following the business meeting, the 50th Anniversary Celebration began with an introduction by Chairperson, Clare Bolster, of the day’s activities and a brief history by Bill Mannion of the Association’s founding. Clare introduced Matt Hanson, the director of Camp Mi-Te-Na, who welcomed all members and expressed his appreciation for the Association’s support over the years. This marks the 104th season that the camp has resided on the lake. The Association is ever so grateful for the use of the camps facilities.

For the complete rundown of the meeting see the August meeting minutes.

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Members at the business meeting Members attending the 50th Anniversary Business Meeting preceding the anniversary celebration. 
HMLA Board Board members: President Bill Mannion, Treasurer Linda Bramante, Secretary Kate Brown, and
Vice Pres. John Wheeler.
DJ David Williams warming up DJ David Williams warming up at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of HMLA.
Audience listens to YMCA director Matt Hanson Members listen to Matt Hanson (standing, right),
director of WMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na.


July, 2016, Biannual Meeting

The 50th biannual July meeting of HMLA was held Saturday, July 9, at 10 AM at the home of Bill and Pat Mannion on Rustic Shores Road. The meeting saw a good turnout and included visitors from the Locke Lake Colony. Among the many issues the members heard reports and updates on the following: member dues and financial, water testing and quality, Halfmoon's loon pair are nesting egg(s) on our man-made nest -- expected hatching July 23, boating and safety issues, and discussion on the upcoming August meeting and 50th anniversary celebration. The HMLA board appreciates the members' support, and the meeting was an opportunity for many to meet their lake neighbors. 

The July Minutes are available here; and remember, you can access all association documents (newsletters, agenda, dues form) on the Documents page.

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Members attending the business meeting Members attending the 50th July business Meeting and planning for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations.
HMLA Board Board members: President Bill Mannion, Treasurer Linda Bramante, Secretary Kate Brown, and
Vice Pres. John Wheeler.


Previous Meetings

You can select to view the 2015 HMLA Meetings, and the  2014 HMLA Meetings.

Minutes and Other Documents: 

Click on the following link for past meeting minutes. On the Documents page you can finds current and historic association documents, such as the association's by-laws, water tests, old newsletters, meeting notices and maps. 

HMLA Board Officers

Table 1.1 Board Officers
Officer Email Phone
President Bill Mannion Email address 603-776-2362
V President John Wheeler Email address 603-581-6779
Treasurer Linda Bramante Email address 603-776-0486
Secretary Kate Brown Email address 978-376-9598

Neighborhood Representatives

Table 1.2 Neighborhood Representatives
Neighborhood Representative
Camp Mi-Te-Na Matt Hanson
Crescent Drive Ann Bohley and Mike Geraci
Fernhill Jay Piwnicki
Fire Road 1 - The Point John Wheeler
Halfmoon Bay Kate Brown
Newcastle Extension David Parish
O'Neill Drive David Briggs
Rt 28 Alton line to Varney Steve Miller
Rustic Shores Samantha "Sam" Bravar
South Shores Drive
Steve Adams
Varney Shores Presently no rep

Weed Watchers

Table 1.3 Weed Watcher Officers
Weed Watcher Officers Email Phone
Debbie Fedorchak email address 603-470-6899
Linda Bramante email address 603-776-0486

Water Quality Officers

Table 1.4 Water Quality Officers
Officers Residence
Mike Fedorchak, Chief Organizer South Shore Drive
Frank Bramante South Shore Drive
Larry Holt Rustic Shores Road
Bill "Dugie" Dugan Rustic Shores Road
Jim Rye South Shore Drive 
Tom Hart Camp Mi-Te-Na

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