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Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities. 


Membership in the HMLA is an affirmative step in expressing support for your fellow members and also expresses support to the volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the organization's success.
A vibrant membership base enables us to meet any potential challenge to the lake. Consider joining one of our teams or serving on the board. 
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August 24, 2019, Biannual Meeting

The second biannual meeting for 2019 of the association was held at Camp Mi-Te-Na.  Ed Neister, chairman of the Barnstead Milfoil Committee, outlined Barnstead's efforts to control the invasive species milfoil on the town's water bodies.  On Halfmoon Lake milfoil has been kept under control, though it sporadically appears at isolated spots.  After the presentation and business meeting members enjoyed what is fast becoming an annual tradition enjoying a pot-luck picnic and BBQ on the campgrounds with facilities for lots of activities.
The minutes for the August meeting are available on the Documents page.

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HMLA board members Board members: President Bill Mannion, Vice President John Wheeler, Secretary Shelly Lalos, Treasurer Linda Bramante.
Ed Neister on milfoil Barnstead's milfoil coordinator Ed Neister discusses efforts to control the invasive weed milfoil at the HMLA biannual August meeting.


June 29, 2019, Biannual Meeting

President Bill Mannion with approximately 27 households and guests present called to order the first biannual meeting for 2019. In keeping with the recent tradition of holding HMLA meetings at different locations around the lake, Fernhill Association hosted this meeting. A number of issues were discussed and resolved including increasing dues to $20 from $15 beginning in 2020 to help support the Association and adjust for rising costs.
The July Minutes are available on the Documents page.

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