Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities.

Halfmoon Lake Documents

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Constitution and By-Laws (a PDF file)
Constitution and By-Laws (a DOC file)


2021 July Agenda
2020 August Agenda
2019 August Agenda
2019 June Agenda
2018 August Agenda
2018 June Agenda
2017 August Agenda
2017 July Agenda 2016 August Agenda
2016 July Agenda
2015 August Agenda
2015 July Agenda

Financial Statements

Treasurers report 2008 August (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 2007 August w/followup (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 2006 August (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 2005 August (included within  minutes)
Treasurers report 2005 July (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 2004 August (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 2004 Income Statement
Treasurers report 2003 Income Statement
Treasurers report 2002 Income Statement
Treasurers report 2002 thru 2005 yearly summary
Treasurers report 2001 Income Statement
Treasurers report 1995 July (included within minutes)
Treasurers report 1989 Income Statement
Treasurers report 1982 thru 1984 yearly summary
Treasurers report 1981 July Income Statement
Treasurers report 1981 thru 1983 yearly summary
Treasurers report 1968 (included in newsletter)
Treasurers report 1967 with paid members listed (included in newsletter)
Treasurers report 1967 thru 1979 yearly summary

Meeting Minutes

Minutes 2021 July meeting
July meeting canceled - pandemic
Minutes 2020 August meeting
July meeting canceled - pandemic
Minutes 2019 August meeting
Minutes 2019 June meeting
Minutes 2018 August meeting
Minutes 2018 August guest speaker
Minutes 2018 July meeting
Minutes 2017 August meeting
Minutes 2017 July meeting
Minutes 2016 August meeting
Minutes 2016 July meeting
Minutes 2015 August meeting
Minutes 2015 July meeting
Minutes 2014 August meeting
Minutes 2014 July meeting
Minutes 2013 August meeting
Minutes 2013 July meeting
Minutes 2012 August meeting
Minutes 2012 July meeting
Minutes 2011 August meeting
Minutes 2011 July meeting
Minutes 2010 August meeting
Minutes 2010 July meeting
Minutes 2009 August meeting
Minutes 2009 July meeting
Minutes 2008 August meeting 
Minutes 2008 July meeting
Minutes 2007 August meeting
Minutes 2007 July meeting  
Minutes 2006 August meeting 
Minutes 2006 July meeting  
Minutes 2005 August meeting  
Minutes 2005 July meeting  
Minutes 2004 August meeting 
Minutes 2004 July meeting 
Minutes 2003 August meeting 
Minutes 2003 July meeting 
Minutes 2002 August meeting
Minutes 2002 July meeting
Minutes 2001 August meeting 
Minutes 2001 July meeting
Minutes 2000 August meeting 
Minutes 1999 July meeting - Corrections
Minutes 2000 July meeting
Minutes 1999 August meeting
Minutes 1999 July meeting
Minutes 1998 August meeting
Minutes 1998 July meeting
Minutes 1997 August meeting (annotated)
Minutes 1997 July meeting
Minutes 1996 August meeting
Minutes 1996 July meeting
Minutes 1995 August meeting
Minutes 1995 July meeting - Treasury statement
Minutes 1994 August meeting
Minutes 1994 July meeting
Minutes 1993 July meeting
Minutes 1992 August meeting
Minutes 1992 July meeting
Minutes 1991 July meeting
Minutes 1990 August meeting
Minutes 1989 August meeting
Minutes 1986 August meeting
Minutes 1986 July meeting
Minutes 1985 August meeting
Minutes 1985 July meeting
Minutes 1983 August meeting-Airport letter
Minutes 1983 July meeting-Airport letter
Minutes 1982 August meeting
Minutes 1982 July meeting
Minutes 1981 August meeting
Minutes 1981 July meeting
Minutes 1980 August meeting
Minutes 1980 July meeting
Minutes 1979 August meeting
Minutes 1978 August meeting

Meeting Notices

Notice 2019 June meeting
Notice 2018 July meeting
Notice 2017 July meeting
Notice 2016 July meeting
Notice 2015 August meeting
Notice 2015 July meeting
Notice 2014 August meeting
Notice 2014 July meeting
Notice 2013 July meeting
Notice 2012 July meeting
Notice 2011 August meeting
Notice 2011 July meeting
Notice 2010 August meeting
Notice 2010 July meeting
Notice 2008 July and August meetings
Notice 2007 July and August meetings
Notice 2006 July and August meetings
Notice 2005 July and August meetings
Notice 2004 July and August meetings
Notice 2003 July meeting
Notice 2002 July meeting
Notice 2001 August meeting
Notice 1998 August meeting
Notice 1998 July meeting
Notice 1997 July and August meetings
Notice 1997 August meeting
Notice 1996 July and August meetings
Notice 1995 June and August meetings
Notice 1994 August meeting
Notice 1992 July meeting
Notice 1991 August meeting
Notice 1988 July meeting
Notice 1974 August agenda


Newsletter 2019 June with meeting notice
Newsletter 2018 June
Newsletter 2017 July
Newsletter 2017 June
Newsletter 2016 August 50th Celebration
Newsletter 2015 July
Newsletter 1986 July
Newsletter 1985 with boating rules
Newsletter 1984 Summer II
Newsletter 1984 Summer I
Newsletter 1982 June
Newsletter 1981 June
Newsletter 1980 Sept with financials
Newsletter 1980 June
Newsletter 1977 Summer with fish survey
Newsletter 1976 Summer
Newsletter 1975 Summer
Newsletter 1974 Fall
Newsletter 1974 July
Newsletter 1971 Fall
Newsletter 1971 July
Newsletter 1970 August
Newsletter 1970 July with ramp supporters
Newsletter 1969 Summer
Newsletter 1968 July with financials
Newsletter 1967 Nov with dam pledges

Water Test Results - Volunteer Lake Assessment Program 

(How to read the new format annual VLAP report) Water test 2014 August
Water test 2013 August
Water test 2021 July 
E.coli beach tests 2020 June
Water test 2020 June Aug 
2020 July 7 E-coli results western cove w pix
E.coli beach tests 2020 June
Water test 2019 June July Aug complete 
Water test 2019 July 
Water test 2019 June with Summary Chart 
Water test 2018 June July Aug complete 
Cyanobacteria Advisory August 16, 2018
Water test 2018 June 
Water test 2017 VLAP report
Mercury report on 2017 sample bass 
Water test 2017 June July Aug complete 
Water test 2017 July 
Water test 2017 June 
Water test 2016 VLAP report
Water test 2016 June and July
Water test 2015 VLAP report
Water test 2013 July
Water test 2013 June (new format)
Water test 2013 June
Water test 2012 June thru August
Water test 2011 June thru August
Water test 2010 June thru August
Water test 2009 July and August
Water test 2008 July and August
Water test 2007 July and August
Water test 2005 June, July and September

Other Documents

Dues Form: Halfmoon Lake Association (2021)
Lake Map Project (Note: Due to the size these maps may take some time to download):
Lake map with a listing of owners, circa early 1970s
Welcome Letter for New Residents
Welcome to Halfmoon Lake - Milfoil handout
Halfmoon Boat Launch Guidelines - Clean and Drain
NH Fish Consumption Guidelines
July 2021 Loon banding on Halfmoon

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