Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities.

Contact Us

Table 1.1 Board Officers and Webmaster
Officer Email Phone
President Bill Mannion Email address 603-776-2362
V President John Wheeler Email address 603-581-6779
Treasurer Linda Bramante Email address 603-776-0486
Secretary Shelly Lalos shelly.lalos@gmail.com
Webmaster Bill Mannion Webmaster@HalfmoonLakeNH.org

Report a problem:

If you observe an issue that could threaten the health of Halfmoon Lake and the safety of our residents please act.  If your concern cannot be handled locally by a board member, contact the appropriate agency listed below.

Boating safety concerns: NH Marine Patrol
    Emergency Situations: Call (603) 293-2037, (877) 642-9700 or 911
    Non-emergency Concerns (moorings, swim lines and rafts): (603) 267-6453
    For additional information check the  Marine Patrol website

Loons in distress:  Loon Preservation Committee
    Call 603-476-5666, Email: info@loon.org

Report violations of environmental laws and Shoreline concerns: NH Department of Environmental Services
    Submit a complaint online, click here
    For more information, click here

Water quality concerns: NH Department of Environmental Services
    Surface water complaint, click here

Algae Bloom concerns
    Call (603)848-8094
    For more information, click here

Illness After Swimming (people and pets)
    For information on submitting a beach illness report, click here
    Submit a beach illness report online, click here
    Call (603) 848-8094.

Oil or Other Hazardous Substance Spill
    First, call the local police or fire department.
    Alton Police, Office 603-875-0757, Dispatch (24hr) 603-875-3752.
    Barnstead Police, 603-269-8100, Dispatch (via Belknap Sheriff): 269-8100.
    Contact the Spill Response Team 603 271-3899 or State Police 603 223-4381.
    For more information, click here

Unusual Plant or Exotic Growth
    Call: (603) 271-2248, Email: amy.smagula@des.nh.gov
    For information on DES Exotic Species Program, click here