Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities.

Some Lake Facts

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The above image of Halfmoon Lake, previously know as Crescent Lake, is from a double postcard dated 1940, though the photograph was probably taken at an earlier period.   Where was the picture taken: Do you know?

Halfmoon Lake, located just off Route 28, is a glacial formed lake with a substrate 75% sand, 25% rock, and a shoreline 90% wooded and 10% marsh.

Halfmoon boasts good availability of large- and smallmouth bass, yellow and white perch, hornpout, and also a summer abundance of pumpkinseed and bluegill sunfish. Ice-out is usually expected by late April, though often earlier.

Lake Maps

(The map section is under construction - 2019)

Bathymetric map of Halfmoon Lake


Antique picture of Halfmoon (Crescent) Lake courtesy of Mike McDavitt of the defunct belknaplakes.com.
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Background image, spring, courtesy of Matt Banks at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.
Background image, summer, courtesy of innamsaisuy at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Loon chick pictures, July-August 2016, courtesy of Ric Zaenglein, www.sportsimagez.com
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