Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities.

Lost 'n Found 

(Items may be dropped after six months if we do not hear from you)


Blue Bumper Found, July 28 - A blue bumper washed up at the Fedorchak's dock in the Western Cove. Contact Debbie at nhcottage1@tds.net.

blue bumper

Ladder piece missing, July 5 - A piece of a ladder from a Bongo Bouncer is missing. It is a black, formed plastic piece about 1 foot square. Please contact Bill and JoAnn Hauser at williamrhauser@yahoo.com. 

Kayak found, June 7 - A lost kayak was found near the dam. It is a Critter type, yellow kayak. It can be found on the side of the boat ramp. If you have info on the owner, or need additional information, please contact Linda Bramante at lbramante@partners.org. CLAIMED