Halfmoon Lake Association was founded to protect the interest of property owners through education and the continued monitoring of lake quality in order to enhance both property values and recreational opportunities.

Lost 'n Found 

(Items may be dropped after six months if we do not hear from you)


Raft washed up at Crescent Dr., Dec 7 - A raft floated onshore at 6 Crescent Drive. Please let Shelly Lalos know if it is yours so she can put you in touch with the person where it beached.
Contact Shelly Lalos at shelly.lalos@gmail.com.

Inflated pink item, Sep 30 - Found at the Hallees, 26 Crescent Drive, an inflated item, pink in color, possibly part of a larger recreational flotation (maybe a wing) washed up on their beach this past weekend. It’s still there if the owner would like get it. Or contact Shelly Lalos at shelly.lalos@gmail.com

Pop-up Tent, August 30 - Saturday's high winds carried off a pop-up tent with legs 7 to 8 feet long. Contact Shelly Lalos at shelly.lalos@gmail.com.

Kawasaki Jetski and trampoline found, August 6 - The recent storm washed up a Kawasaki jetski and a trampoline onto Bill O'Neil's beach.   For further information contact Bill at 540-6575 or email: williamjoneil2@gmail.com. CLAIMED

Two floats found, July 12 - If you recognize one or both of these floats, please contact Shelly Lalos shelly.lalos@gmail.com

Child's float, July 12 - Robin from 56 South Shores Drive found a child's float near their dock Sunday, July 12. Please call 339‑235‑9206 if it belongs to you.

Child's float

Jetski key lost, June 13 - At the Rt 28 boat launch, a key to a jetski was lost.  The lanyard may be attached to the the key.  Please phone Cody Lank of Barnstead at 603-717-8238.